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A great example of an avid Almdudler lover in the states! In today’s guest post Joanna talks about her long-time appreciation for Almdudler and what it’s meant to her during her childhood summers spent in her mother’s homeland, Austria.

Guest Blog Post:

            I am super excited that they are planning to start selling Almdudler in America. Since I was a small child, my family and I would go on an annual summer vacation to Austria to visit my mother’s family. It allowed me to form many good memories and a strong bond to Österreich (the German word for Austria), which I am grateful for to this day.

            As Austria became synonymous with summer vacation for me, so did Almdudler. I remember drinking it at Pannonia, our local swimming pond at a rural country resort. My mother would buy me one and I would sit in the grassy beaches overlooking the water while eating Haribo gummies. The weather on these days would be warm, and there would be a soft breeze, typical of Austrian summers. The sugary combination of Haribo and Almdudler was complete perfection to my childhood self. It gave me the feeling of contentment.

            There were other times when we would go for bike rides on the dry, dirt roads of the Austrian countryside and bring a liter bottle to share at rest spots along the way. I’d be riding with my mother, my sister, and some extended family members or friends. We’d hop off our bikes and take to the side of the road under a shady tree. The bottle of Almdudler would be passed from person to person, a communion of sorts, in which each person got a chance to catch their breath and quench their thirst. These are the types of warm moments I carry with me, now that I’m older. Being surrounded by those closest to me and sharing an Almdudler was a simple, yet powerful bonding experience.

            Aside from nostalgia, I also love Almdudler because it tastes great. I have compared it to ginger ale in the past, but I’ve never been a fan of the ginger ale mass marketed in America. Regular ole ginger ale tastes dry and bland to me. Almdudler is sweet, but not too sweet, and has a very fine fizz. Furthermore, I’ve not been much of a pop drinker since my youth. Almdudler is my one exception, my only craving for carbonation. I know the saying is ‘I’d like to buy the world a coke,’ but I’d rather share an Almdudler. I highly recommend trying it when it hits America this summer!

-Joanna V.


Joanna in Austria


Please feel free to include any memories you’ve had with Almdudler in the comments section of this post. Also, don’t forget to download the ‘Almdudler Truck Tracker’ app so that you can get a bottle of Almdudler on us at one of the many festivals we will be stopping at this summer.


From the Alps to America


Almdudler is virtually unknown in the U.S.; however, it’s been called ‘the national drink of Austria.’ To describe it as merely a soft drink would be selling it short. Almdudler is a taste, a lifestyle, an identity, which Austrians celebrate. It’s time for Almdudler to strike out, to cross the Atlantic, and reach out to America. Our hope is that Austria can share a specific and important piece of its culture, and in return be embraced by the people of America.

But what is Almdudler and why should Americans care about a drink that comes from a small country in Europe? Let’s answer those questions by beginning with the history of Almdudler. I know, sounds long and boring. Trust us, we’ll keep it short and sweet.

Almdudler is a soda, or pop, depending on which region you’re from in the U.S. It is similar to what is known in the states as ginger ale. However, when you try Almdudler you’ll realize it’s unique, sweeter, and although we’re bias, superior to your basic ginger ale. It all goes back to… Okay, never mind. That’s a boring introduction, and Almdudler is anything but. Here are the basics:

Almdudler is a family owned company (to this day!) that was created in 1957 by a guy called Erwin Klein. The name ‘Almdudler’ is short for an Austrian phrase meaning ‘singing in the alpine meadows.’ In other words, it’s enjoyable, light-hearted, and endearing. Just like Austrians. Also, it’s word in dialect (or slang as you Americans might say), and if you know Austrians, especially those that aren’t from a big city, you already know how much we love dialect. It reflects our laid-back nature. Our slogan in English translates to ‘when there is no more Almdudler I’ll go home.’ Again, in dialect, because Almdudler is charming like that.

What sets Almdudler apart from other ginger ales and soft drinks is that it is made up of 32 natural alpine herbs, as well as apple and grape juice. We think that’s pretty awesome. Originally, Almdudler was introduced as being an alternative to beer, though it can also be enjoyed as a mixture for alcoholic beverages. In fact, our newest product is Almradler, which is Almdudler mixed with beer. Again, awesome. Alcohol or no alcohol, either way it’s delicious.

As a brand we like to think of Almdudler as representing the best Austria has to offer. It’s relaxed and active. It’s a drink to unwind with, whether it’s at the end of a long day or after an enjoyable day of biking, hiking, or skiing. You know, Austrian stuff. Almdudler doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s about the fun, simple pleasure of everyday life. That’s what Almdudler is, and in that way, we are all Almdudler.


Tried us already and looking to see where you can get some Almdudler in the states, or just feeling curious about where you can grab your first bottle? We are currently shipping crates and crates of Almdudler to the U.S., which we will be distributing from beverage trucks at your favorite festivals and street fairs in major U.S. cities all summer long. Track our trucks to find out when we’ll be showing up near you with our new Almdudler app ‘Almdudler Truck Tracker.’ Hope to see you soon to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer in the U.S. while kicking back a few.